International Symposium on Dairy Cattle Nutrition 2017

International Symposium on Dairy Cattle Nutrition 2017
donderdag 26-10-2017
Veehouderij, Varkenshouderij, Melkveehouderij
Hof van Wageningen
Lawickse Allee 9
6701 AC
Heel Nederland, Buitenland
Wageningen Livestock Research

Foto For dairy cattle, the transition period is a crucial period in their lactation cycle. In a relatively short period of time, a lot of changes will take place; not only inside the cow, but also in nutrition and management around her. Therefore the highest incidence of health disorders will be found in the transition period. Further improvements of cow welfare, performance and longevity should therefore start with the transition period.

During the International Dairy Nutrition Symposium 2017, experts from the Netherlands and abroad will present their vision on different aspects of dairy cow nutrition in relation with the transition period

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